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Feng Shui Assessment

feng shui assessment

Feng Shui is the Chinese name for an intuitive, practical art that seeks to bring people and their environment into the most positive harmony by adjusting an individual’s personal chi (life energy) and inner landscape. Space and what we put in it matters. Clutter can disrupt the flow of chi.


Through the choice of colors, furniture placement and other implementations, Feng Shui can help you with reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing your relationships, improving your wealth and self-worth and so much more. It's decor with a meaning, a purpose. We will identify energetic imbalances or blockages with recommendations on how to create greater overall harmony within your living spaces.


We start the process with a telephone conversation to discuss the areas in your life that need to be addressed. We will then come to your house and show you how to implement the adjustments, both on a practical and esoteric level.

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