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Real Estate Staging

real estate staging

The main purpose of staging is to help people envision themselves in the setting. French & Scouser makes that happen by de-cluttering, painting, rearranging, and adding props to homes that already have the homeowner’s furniture. Alternately, using our extensive inventory, we can transform an empty space into an inviting potential home. 



This is a 90 minute consultation. With an objective eye, we do a walk-through and review your entire property suggesting enhancements while you take notes. Things we may discuss are possibly a new paint palette, furniture arrangement, editing, changes and enhancements needed for both outdoors and indoors. This service includes our “F&S Open House Checklist.”



It is a proven fact that vacant homes that are staged sell faster than an empty space, and that lived-in homes sell better when a stager comes in to objectively edit and stage the space. 


We start with a home evaluation, we deliver a proposal based upon the scope of work noted in the evaluation. This includes our “F&S Open House Checklist.”


If needed, we provide rental furnishings and accessories in order to achieve that model home look that makes buyers see themselves in the space.

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