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Real Estate Staging

real estate staging

It is a proven fact that vacant homes that are staged sell faster than an empty space, and that lived-in homes sell better when a stager comes in to objectively edit and stage the space. The main purpose of staging is to help people envision themselves in the setting. French & Scouser can make that happen by suggesting how to declutter, paint, rearrange, and/or add props to homes that already have the homeowner’s furniture. Alternately, using our extensive inventory, we can transform an empty space into an inviting potential home. 


This is a 90 minute consultation. With an objective eye, we do a walk-through and review your entire property suggesting enhancements while you take notes.

Things we may discuss are possibly a

new paint palette, furniture arrangement, editing, changes and enhancements needed for both outdoors and indoors. 


The process starts with the home staging evaluation. We deliver a proposal based upon the scope of work noted in the evaluation. If needed, we provide rental furnishings and accessories in order to achieve that model home look that makes buyers see themselves in the space. French & Scouser and any contractors needed will implement the changes so that your house is perfect for selling without you lifting a finger.

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