Interior Restyling

interior restyling the dewitt oak hill



This service gives you a complete outline to restyle your home for less than the cost of a new piece of furniture. We come into your home and, using the furnishings, artwork and accessories you have, we give you all the tools to refresh and re-energize your space, all implemented with the laws of Feng Shui. Recycling and re-using your existing belongings: sustainable design at its best.


We start the process with a quick phone chat to discuss your aesthetic and design needs. Then we will come to you for a walk-through.


We scope your home, garage, barn, attic—wherever we can walk—to resource anything and everything that you may have that can be used in your interior restyling.


Where should you put your sofa? How about that gorgeous bureau that you’ve never known what to do with? Best use of your space? You'll receive a sketched-out floor plan so you know where to place everything. 


You will receive a written overview of our walk-through with recommendations for paint color, plus a Pinterest inspiration board of our ideas so that you'll have a concrete plan to refer to and act upon all at once or whenever your schedule allows.

Price begins at $600 (depending on size of home and number of rooms worked on).


This gives you the option of French & Scouser implementing some or most of the work for you, combining elements of our Interior Restyling Consultation with our Décor Makeover so that you too can experience your very own final reveal, without ever lifting a finger!

Price for this option is based upon the scope of work required.